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Projects - Rolls-Royce VIPER 522 TurboJet

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S/No.: 522113

Our Viper 522 was owned by the Aeronautical department of Cambridge Regional College for some years as a demonstration/teaching unit.  Before that it served its life on the port side of seven Hawker HS-125 business jets, finishing on an aircraft in Nigeria before returning to the UK and being scrapped as "time expired".  The engine was retired with 500 hours left on the clock.

Bristol Siddeley produced the Viper series engine in Bristol until Rolls-Royce took them over in 1966.  Bristol Siddeley was a partnership of Bristol Aero Engines and Armstrong Siddeley formed in 1959.

Bristol was responsible for the conception and development of such engines as the Orpheus, the Pegasus as used in the Harrier VTOL aircraft and the massive Olympus engines used in the Vulcan bomber and its subsequent derivatives used in Concorde.

Viper engines were used in both civil and military applications.  Military Vipers power the BAe Systems Jet Provost, BAe Systems Jindivik. The Jindivik was a drone aircraft and its version uses the Viper C201.

Our engine was made in 1965-6  and its first registered test flight was on the port side of an HS125 series 1.B. business jet, callsign G-ATPD, on 1st July 1966.  The whereabouts of the starboard engine are unknown.  The last sighting of the aircraft was at Hurn International Airport at Bournemouth, UK as a scrapped unit. Sighted in 2004 (see http://www.airliners.net)


Picture by Ian Haskell, (www.airliners.net)

It's last flight was in 5N-AMK in Nigeria on the 24th July 1987. It was installed in G-ATPE during July 1987 and run but never flown. The engine was removed and stored.


Flight Data:

S/No: 522113 fitted on port side of each aircraft listed.  All aircraft were HS / BAe 125 business jets.

G-ATPD    1st July 1966    -    29th September 1969

G-AWMS  3rd October 1969    -    11th November 1970

G-AVRF    21st August 1971    -    7th June 1974

XW788    5th November 1975    -    21st July 1978

G-ASSM / 5NAMK    28th January 1979    -    24th July 1987

G-ATPE    24th July 1987    - Run, Remove and Stored. Log book indicated 500 hours left until overhaul.


Further information on the current version of the R-R Viper can be found here:-