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What's it all about?


This site is dedicated to all the hard working, completely broke folk out there who like us started with basic equipment and had no choice but to shop at Homebase and Focus.


OK, so you want to know what it's all about.....

Basically this site is devoted mainly to one thing - JET ENGINES.

The three of us have a love of all things associated with gas turbines. You have to admit they make a darn good noise.

Why are we different from other websites?

Well, on the face of it we're not, except for one tiny little thing.


Moolah, greenbacks, readies, folding stuff call it what you like. We ain't got any.

Why are we telling us this I hear you ask?

Well it's quite simple. We love jet engines, we like building them and we like running them. But we never had any money to do it with.

The people on other websites seem to have either loadsa money or plenty of time.  They know who they are! We have neither.

We got very discouraged in our early days as the other folks on t'net seem to have proper machine shops, proper racing go-kart frames, with posey looking braking systems. They had expensive materials, plasma cutters, 3-Phase welders, an abundance of raw materials and fuel and if they weren't making them, they were buying professional engines and APU's off of eBay and the like for hundreds and sometimes even thousands.

This to us was very discouraging. We hadn't the finances and the time to do this. And besides, its not what the hobby is about. You don't have a dog and bark yourself do you?