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Ok, here's what we do and who we are.

Please feel free to contact us any time!


Electronics and Systems:

Benjamin Jewell                   

Benjamin is 32, works as a Broadcast Engineer for the BBC at Television Centre in London, those of you interested its the age-old CAR (now called the CCA - Central Communications Area). His duties include messing with the signals from the studios and pointing at satellites. Benjamin's role in all this mess is to primarily design and build the complex control systems and overcome problems that need to be sorted electronically. Sometimes he tries to weld with his soldering iron and solder with his MiG welder.

Benjamin, who likes to be known by his full name, is also known under the callsign of G7WKV operating on HF Bands, 2m and 70cm.

His lucky vegetable is the onion and favourite colour is over there.

Contact: benjamin@powerjets.co.uk


Fuel and Vehicle Systems:

Toby Jewell

Toby is 29, married with one small pink son.  During the day he floats around the local hospital posing as an NHS employee.  However, once he takes off his shoes people flee the country. This makes Toby come down to the shed where he is responsible for all our fuel requirements and vehicle systems.

Toby has a unique characteristic in that since he has interesting hair, we imagine that should any fire occur he will be the first to catch alight due to the amount of follical matter on his bonce sticking out all over the place. This means Toby is in charge of manually lighting experiements when the auto-ignition systems don't want to know.

Toby's lucky vegetable isn't and his favourite colour does.

Contact: toby@powerjets.co.uk